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Compassionate High Quality Care

Medical transport is stressful—even when it isn’t an emergency. Healthcare costs, Medicare co-pays, and deductibles all continue to rise. And Michigan is an aging state: more of us need more assistance but have fewer resources to help us sort out medical-billing and reimbursements.
Life EMS specializes in emergency and non-emergency medical transportation services. Our services are affordable, high-quality, and technologically advanced. We keep the billing simple, reducing your costs where we can. Most importantly, our teams treat every patient, family member, and caregiver with care, compassion, kindness, and respect.

Ambulance Services

Life EMS offers both emergency and non-emergency medical transportation services. These include nursing home admissions, doctors office visits, long distance transport throughout Michigan and the country, acute care/critical care transports, bariatric transports, emergency paramedic ambulance service, and more.

Ambulance Service | Ambulance and Transportation
Wheelchair / Mobility Transportation | Ambulance and Transportation

Wheelchair/ Mobility Transportation

Traveling with limited mobility is often a challenge. It doesn’t need to be. Life EMS provides non-emergency wheelchair/mobility transportation services for children and adults with physical challenges. This can mean round-trip transportation to health appointments, rides to doctor or dentist visits, local transit for social and community events, or even out-of-state travel.

Behavioral Health Transport (BHT)

Life EMS Ambulance’s Behavioral Health Transport (BHT) Program is dedicated to providing safe, comfortable, and respectful transport of clients requiring mental health services. This is a proven, cost-effective platform helping to address client safety, medical necessity compliance challenges and transport availability.

Wheelchair / Mobility Transportation | Ambulance and Transportation
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Request Standby Event Medical Coverage

Accidents happen. Life EMS regularly provides event-specific “standby” ambulances and medical staff. Having on-site EMTs gives you peace-of-mind and ensures prompt emergency medical care in case of an emergency. Life EMS standby event services meet or exceed all local, municipal, and insurance coverage requirements. Have on-site EMTs at your next sporting, community, or social event.

Tactical Medical Support 

Life EMS maintains a team of specially trained paramedics to support area law enforcement during high-risk activities such as search warrants and barricaded gunmen.  The Special Response Team (SRT) works closely with several area law enforcement agencies to provide medical support and care during tactical responses.  Our highly-trained SRT medics are there to be the first line of care should a member of the law enforcement team become injured. 

Wheelchair / Mobility Transportation | Ambulance and Transportation
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Co-Pays Waived with Life Care +

To help with Medicare co-pays, deductibles and overall health care costs, Life EMS has created Life Care +  a membership program that helps bring clarity to any medically necessary* ambulance transports. Life Care + members receive a wide variety of benefits. For only $60 per year ($95 if you have no insurance coverage), you and your family will receive a discount on out-of-pocket costs for medically necessary emergency ambulance transports to the hospital.

* The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) define a service as “medically necessary” if the medical condition of the patient is such that travel by means other than ambulance would harm or endanger their life.