Pay your Life EMS Ambulance bill online today!
It’s easy, just follow the steps below:

  1. Have your Life EMS Ambulance statement available to reference.
  2. Locate your “Run Number” in the upper right hand corner. It will start with two numbers followed by a dash. (XX-XXXX).
  3. Click on the “Pay My Bill” button below.
  4. Enter your “Run Number” in the Run Number field when completing.
  5. Please call 800-499-9316 if you need any assistance.

New! e-Billing

You can now sign up to receive electronic billing statements through your email. It’s quick, easy and paperless!
Be sure to have a copy of your statement for your initial sign-up. Name, run number and statement ID are required. If you have trouble locating these identifiers on your statement, please call 800-499-9316 to have a Customer Accounts Specialist assist you!

(Please note that if you have more than one account, each account must be registered separately).